week 1

“That’s intimidating to guys, are you trying to stay single?  My wife would never lift like that.”
“STFU asshole. Ya know there is a reason I haven’t talked to you in eight months.”

I haven’t talked to my brother since Christmas.  He’s an asshole and I just haven’t wanted to deal with this views, his indifference to my feelings or anything else that goes along with it.  However, in attempt to keep family communication open, I took a phone call from him last Saturday.  After the newly learned information that his older sister is not only a strongman athlete, but the women’s national heavyweight in United States Strongman Corporation… This is all he has to say.  Not, that’s awesome, way to go…way to be a badass.  No.  That’s intimidating…..  seriously, bruh…fuck and off.

So that’s how I ended my weekend…. Shrug it off girlie, is what I told myself.  You have a new coach and a new programming to get to and kick ass.

Yesterday ended the first week with the new programming and my new coach. I’m expecting next week to be worse.  I have every belief that this week was just to get a feel for my strength and weakness.  But on the same note, I hit a triple on a weight with the log I couldn’t even hit once early June. 

One hundred and fifty pounds I am closing on you fast!

His programming is short, and seems simple at a glance, until you’re into it… then it’s oh holyfuckmonkeys.  I love it.  Of course when I opened the email and saw “Let’s get started, Day 1, snatch” I instantly thought oh god he’s going to kill me… I haven’t done those since I left crossfit over five years ago now.  Plus I hate them.  I hate them because I suck at them.  Day 4, snatch deadlift…. Shiiiiit.

All in all, I survived.  I can walk and I feel like I put work in without wasting time or spending two plus hours training.  I am excited to see what he programs for next week. I am excited to watch things progress, to see the weekly, daily challenges he drops in my lap, like I dare you.

Challenge accepted.

-Inked Amazon Warrior


Author: boxerjeep

I am a mid 30s pawrent to my babies Reese (boxer) and Grimm (pitbull). A tattooed Army veteran, yogi and strength athlete. My second loves after my pups are tattoos, my Jeep, random music, real books, ancient history, the outdoors and art.

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