new year, new me…bite me

I don’t think I have made a New Year’s Resolution, ever.  I think I’ll keep it that way too. Maybe they work for some people and not for others.  That is an individual thing.  I think I’ll just do what I was doing last year, work on getting stronger… Hey it went pretty well last year, so why not continue a good thing? 😉

So back to work after almost two weeks off and dear god did the work week kick off with a bang, two flat tires… And when I say flat, the rear driver side rim was sitting on the floor of the garage.  The front driver side was sitting about 5 psi.  Fabulous way to kick off a Monday.  It was in deed good foreshadowing of what the office was going to be like.

That’s ok, 5pm comes eventually, right?!

Press work isn’t exactly my favorite, but it is slowly getting better.  This week was no different.  Brandon programmed certain numbers, reps and set with “no misses” smiling back at me in his email.  Alright.  Lets do this.

Tuesday, which has become my favorite day in the gym only because it’s squats.  Again, Brandon programs a certain number…well, more a suggestion and that becomes to me a need to hit.  The number is higher than anything else I have successfully hit and it is mentally fucking with me all day.  I slowly start working my weight up.  It’s not feeling too bad, but my head is still say different.  Ten pounds lighter than the written weight feels good and solid, “fuckit, I’m slapping 10 more on and going again,” I said to my spotter.  He smiled, “Hell yea girl.”  Five minutes or so later, BOOM, new squat.  A little lightheaded but happy as a MoFo, breaking with ease a weight that had been mentally fucking with me all day.  “That was too easy, you have the power, you need to get out of your head.”  THIS.  This is why I love lifting heavy!!  Because he was right, there should of been 5-10 pounds more on that bar, but it doesn’t matter.  A weight that had been mentally screwing with me all freakin day was now my bitch, insert evil wicked laughter here….. and if any of ya’ll know me in real life I have an excellent Ursala (Disney’s the Little Mermaid) laugh.

Bring on the rest day and epsom salt bubble bath…. I could fall asleep in these ❤ looooove…. Especially since I picked up a shea butter bubble bath, it’s such heaven.  Be better if I had one of those giant old claw foot tubs.  God my amazon ass needs a bigger bathtub, but this standard one will do for now.

Thursday, what would have normally been my deadlift/more press work day was shifted to Friday.  Work hours shifted and I had planned to go into the gym earlier, 8/9 am-ish and train.  However when I woke up with the dogs and took them outside, my body said NOOOOOOOPE….back to bed bitch.  We need more rest.  So back to bed I went and rather enjoyed sleeping in until 10am…Holy shit, I never sleep that late and it was awesome!  Of course the fact that I have had broken and rough sleep all week, plagued by the weirdest and sometimes violent dreams, has not been helping much this week.  Sadly, this has continued up through Saturday morning.  I wake up in a haze, almost like a drunken fog, with lingering emotions and phantom memories of these bizarre dreams.
Anyway, Thursday became a second rest day.

Friday was total chaos at work and by the time 5pm arrived I was ecstatic and drained at the same time.  Maybe pizza in the bathtub after training I told myself heading to the gym….  In the end I only had to drop a little bit of weight for what was programmed.  Between sets of push press and jerk, I turned to another member and said, “this is killin me today.  My elbows are just aching, my wrist hurts…fuck my knees don’t like me today either.”  He chuckled and replied, “I think it’s something in the air, I never wrap my wrists for squats but today they are just destroying me.”  I took a little longer rests between sets than normal, just to make sure I could hammer the weight I had left on the bar -I say left like I dropped a hundred pounds, I dropped 5.

Saturday morning, waking up only because the dogs said I couldn’t sleep past 8am.  I’m sore, I can feel yesterday’s gym time.  One knee is still a little achy, but hell we have a winter storm moving in and it’s been raining the past twenty four hours….35 degrees and rain.  Just snow already, at least it feels warmer.

However, on the non gym side of my life.  Over the holidays I bought myself a curling wand.  I know this doesn’t mean shit to the guys, the gals know the different.  I was hell bound and determined to figure out how to get this messy wave bob look…. again, the guys could careless, but the gals know exactly what I’m talkin about.

So, day 1 wasn’t too bad.  Was kind proud I didn’t burn the fuck outta myself in any form.  Day 2 was actually pretty decent, despite how grumpy I was, but when a fellow building employee stopped me to ask how I did my hair and if it took long because she absolutely loved it and thought it looked so good on me… I was just flattered and it put the biggest smile on my face.  Funny how the most random comments can make (or sometimes break) a person’s day.  By Friday I felt like I was in decent control of the technique and had cut the process in half.  Again, several ladies and even a few guys stopped me to comment on how they liked my hair… one gent even told me not to go back to long and boring, the shorter red was far more fitting.  Well, damn guys.  Thanks, make me blush like a teenage girl.  HAHA.



Thank you.
Inked Amazon Warrior


Author: boxerjeep

I am a mid 30s pawrent to my babies Reese (boxer) and Grimm (pitbull). A tattooed Army veteran, yogi and strength athlete. My second loves after my pups are tattoos, my Jeep, random music, real books, ancient history, the outdoors and art.

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