and the story goes on… on … on…

Have you met that person, that person who inspires you… not some to some insane bullshit.  I’m not talking about watching the Olympics and seeing a swimmer win his 27th gold medal or the track runner who falls to her knees crying, thanking God and her family. I’m talking about a real life person.  Someone in your every day life.  That friend you text regularly.  That person that just by knowing them, inspires you to want to do more with your life.  To be more….to be a better hooman

I have.
Brought together in friendship by what some women would consider the worst of experiences a friendship of the most rarities bloomed.  My Valkryie Sister.  The Tiny Tank and the Inked Amazon.

Friends who inspire you is a true gift of rarity. I’m not referring to the “My Tribe” hashtag movement. Although many could say a deeper meaning behind that, could have originated from this. Or it was just a bunch of basic white girl’s looking to start something new.

My entire adult life, I have been torn between the warrior and the artist that resides inside of me. Like the parable of the two wolves fighting; except mine is neither good nor evil. I am neutral. But, like the story, the one you feed more will grow.  The past three months I have been feeding both. Finding that balance for years was difficult. Yet in a kindred artistic soul I have manged to find that balance. That peace.

My friendship with her, in the past almost two years, has pushed me to be more well rounded. To get out of my comfort zone and do things I’ve wanted to. To push my own boundaries further. Hell, I’m a strength athlete, but I’ve started doing yoga.

The past month I’ve been putting quiet the distance in swimming laps. It started due to an injury that kept me out of the gym and off the weights. Unable to train I needed something to keep me sane. I turned back to an old high school sport. A sport I haven’t done in twenty years! The first day in the pool was just shy of a disaster in my head. By week three I’ve hit my grove and averaging 2800 yards in a hour. My shoulders feel more powerful than they have in years and I just feel good. I’m in no rush now to get back to the weights. I feel confident in giving my body the time it needs to heal and repair.

On top of swimming, I’ve turned to yoga. With the investment in a new quality yoga mat -I swear. Period. I slide all over a cheap mat like a drunk date. It’s ugly. The new Gaiam mat is amazing and I look forward to more time spent…aside from the fact my current state of flexibility is shit. It use to be so much better.

This fall I plan to learn how and conquer my fear of rock climbing. There are at least three local indoor places. Which I’ve already told my spider monkey friend I’m dragging her and she can teach me and laugh at me. ❤️ I cannot explain how excited that makes me.

Now. With all of this, I have found a new relationship with my middle sister. I dare say we have never been as close…which that doesn’t mean we were distant, because my family is super tight. It’s just we didn’t have as close of a relationship and we struggled to find that ground. But now, but now we have found this…thing…. This figurative place that has brought us together in such a way in the past three months. Her and I are planning at least two major vacations together; one being a backpacking trip across Ireland in 2018. I mean SERIOUSLY I am so freakishly excited to just talk to her now, about anything. My heart overflows at this new bond between us.


In the middle of the night, when the angels scream,
I don’t want to live a lie that I believe.
Time to do or die.

I will never forget the moment, the moment.
I will never forget the moment.

And the story goes on… on… on…
That’s how the story goes.
That’s how the story goes.

You and I’ll never die.
It’s a dark embrace.
In the beginning was life, a dawning age.
Time to be alive.

I will never forget the moment, the moment.
I will never forget this night.
We sing, we sing…

On… on… on…
That’s how the story goes.

Fate is coming, that I know.
Time is running, got to go.
Fate is coming, that I know.
Let it go.
Here right now
Under the banner of heaven, we dream out loud
Do or die, and the story goes
On… on… on…

And the story goes on… on…
This is the story

Fate is coming, that I know (this is the story)
Time is running, got to go (this is the story)
Fate is coming, that I know (this is the story)
Let it go.
Here right now,
Under the banner of heaven, we dream out loud
Dream out loud!
Fate is coming, that I know (time to do or die)
Time is running out (time to do or die)
Fate is coming, that I know (time to do or die)
Let it go…

-Thirty Seconds To Mars
“Do or Die”


On this lazy Saturday rainy morning, I feel so alive and rejuvenated.  My heart is full and excited.  I look forward to all these adventures to come, I look forward to everything I am planning with my friends and solo.  I look forward to what tomorrow, next week, next month, next year brings.  I look forward to seeing who my soul continues to evolve into.  I welcome all of it with open arms, open heart and open mind.
Like I’m sitting on the edge of that cliff and ready to leap…..

-Inked Amazon Warrior (and artist)


Author: boxerjeep

I am a mid 30s pawrent to my babies Reese (boxer) and Grimm (pitbull). A tattooed Army veteran, yogi and strength athlete. My second loves after my pups are tattoos, my Jeep, random music, real books, ancient history, the outdoors and art.

One thought on “and the story goes on… on … on…”

  1. Good post, Jessie! Really enjoyed this and glad to hear you are at a good spot. So refreshing to find that piece of mind and to be anxious for what lies ahead. Funny how what can seem like a setback and struggle at the time can actually bring us to moments of appreciation. 🙂

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