Happy Winter Solstices

I posted this to my facebook:


🌜❄️Happy Winter Solstice ❄️🌛

Or hibernal solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight hours and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December Solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June Solstice.

The 2016 Winter Solstice officially arrives at 5:44am Eastern time on December 21st.
The winter solstice is when the Earth tilts to a position where the northern hemisphere is the furthest away from the sun, causing less light to reach that region. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Dec. 21st will be the shortest day and longest night of the year, with exactly 9 hours, 15 minutes and 6 seconds of daylight.

Each year, as the Daily Telegraph of London reminds us, the winter solstice is marked by cultural festivals and pagan celebrations, most famously at the historic Stonehenge monument in England.

But it’s so much more than just a Wikipedia like rehashed quote. Of course I have a several family members that are over the top christians, borderline bibile thumbing… I love them dearly and it’s not just worth the verbal arguments or responding posts to get into the religious debate on social media.

Instead I spent my evening, working on a painting, snuggling my boys, yoga in my front room with candles and then some meditation.  Saying thank you for everything I have learned and re discovered about myself this past year.  That I am open to the coming year and the continued growth and change.  I am open to receive.

I woke up December 22nd to a beautiful blue gray light. Driving to work, the feeling of happiness bubbling from deep with in. I have not been as excited about this holiday season, according to my brother I “get weird around the holidays.” It might not be the normal excited about the holidays as it is happiness and joy, not just in the holidays but in life itself.

At a traffic light, heading to work I sent a text message to a friend, “I’m genuinely going to try and make it out Saturday evening.  The weather is sounding decent.  Still the warm up coming.  5pm you said?”  I meant it, I wasn’t just saying I appreciate the invite but had all intentions of staying home.  She responded before I could drive a full block, how excited she was to having me coming out.  This warmed my heart even more.  It was a fabulous morning, a positive feeling I was able to carry the entire day at work, despite how absolutely insane things became.


Author: boxerjeep

I am a mid 30s pawrent to my babies Reese (boxer) and Grimm (pitbull). A tattooed Army veteran, yogi and strength athlete. My second loves after my pups are tattoos, my Jeep, random music, real books, ancient history, the outdoors and art.

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